To be completely honest, im more than likely the loud laugh you hear across the store or just really from afar. I can ramble with you for awhile & if im traveling to you, i'll ask you where all the good food stops & breweries are. I can almost guarantee we will click instantly and you'll feel like you've known me your whole life. & I cant want to meet you.


Before I capture a little of your story..

Hi There! My name is Irene Huizar, 31, currently based out of Tulare, Ca. I have two sweet girls, April & Allie, who also star as my blossom models and other occasional mini season models, stay tuned!

Photography started as hobby of mine before it quickly became something I was over the moon passionate about.

- Lover of rollercoasters, country concerts, and exxttrraaa buttered popcorn. Combo the three & you have me as a bff for life.

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